Caravan and Camping Mats by Fab Habitat, You will love them

Camping Mat

Everyone loves camping, being outdoors with the family and friends and just having a good time under the open skies. Take out your campervan and make a stop in the great Australian wilderness! Open the awnings and lay out the Fab Habitat camping mat under the annex. The camping mats will fit in so beautifully that they will become an essential part of any camping trip before you even realise. Instagram feeds are full of how our customers love using their camping or caravan mats by Fab Habitat.

Everything You Need to Know About Cleaning Door Mats

The Doormats are the host of every shoe that comes inside your home. As a result, it harbors a host of different types of allergens, road dust, mulch, rotting leaves and whatnot. If you have pets, then the Welcome Mats can even be the breeding grounds of the fleas and ticks. While choosing a doormat, make sure to pick the one which is easy to clean.

Even though you do not need to deep clean the doormats every week, you need to maintain a cleaning schedule to make sure that your doormats do not gather a lot of dirt. Here is a cleaning schedule and maintenance trick that you can adopt to keep the Indoor Door Mats clean.

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How to Use the Outdoor Rugs?

There is no doubt that the area rugs are one of the most beautiful pieces of Decor that makes a room come together. It adds some sassy style, defines the space, and makes everything pop. You can check any trendy household, and you will find the Area Rugs almost everywhere. Some people even place the area rugs in their bathrooms. 

You can use an Outdoor Rugs to define different areas of your home as well. Use a colorful rug to light up the play area of your kids. You can use different classy rugs to make the area where the adults sit and talk to each other. Check Rugs Online to buy the ones that suit the aesthetics of your furniture. If you have a particularly large patio, don’t shy away from using rugs of different colors for different areas. Play with the sizes and shapes and your outdoor setting would start to look insanely good and comfortable.

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A Simple Guide to Recycled Plastic Rugs

When it comes to choosing the perfect Outdoor Rug, it becomes a struggle. It is hard to find a rug that completely aligns with sustainability issues. This gap has been fulfilled by the Recycled Plastic Rugs. Made from the recyclable plastics, these rugs are strong and do not get much affected by the exposure to the natural elements. If you are not sure whether to choose a recycled plastic rug for your home, check the following section of this article.

You might have seen that some of the Recycled Rugs have been marked as the P.E.T. Rugs. Well, these rugs are specially created using recycled plastic bottles. The best thing about these rugs is that they do not feel like plastic. These Plastic Rugs are very soft and give the vibe of the woolen rugs.

Saying that, you can use these rugs on your deck as well if you want the rugs to withstand the onslaught of the natural elements while offering the softness of the woolen ones. These rugs can also be used as great Indoor Rugs.

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Make a Great First Impression with Doormats

Doormats might be used for keeping the floors dirt-free. However, it also helps in creating the right first impression on the mind of the visitors. Whether your visitor is a potential buyer of your home or your friends and colleagues, the first thing that they notice is the doormat. Hence, it can be said that doormats or welcome Mats help to set a tone for the entrance or the entryway.

Pick your doormat from a wide variety of Doormats Online. You will get doormats for residential or commercial use. Depending on your usage, you can settle for the style, material, design, and color. Whatever style you settle for the Front Doormats, they would serve the same purpose.

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Jute Rugs: A Great Home Decor Item to Look For

Home Decor items, whether it’s a wind chime or a photo frame, statues, or rugs, each of them can add a touch of personality to a room. Yes! It’s true. Even a simple Home Decor item like Jute Rugs can help you to transform your boring living space into a beautiful one. They are becoming popular across every household. The simplistic beauty of these mats makes them very different from the rest of the mats or carpets available in the market.

Jute is a natural fiber is known for its style. The silky nature and the natural brown color make the natural-fiber Rugs a great addition to any home. They have a beautiful texture and are durable. Hence, you don’t need to worry if you want to use Jute Rugs for high-traffic areas. Use it with complete peace of mind as it can withstand wear and tear.

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Fab Habitat Your Trusted Online Firm for Outdoor Rugs

Rugs help to define a space. It has the power to transform a boring space into a cozy one. Just like the indoor rugs, an outdoor rug helps to decorate the outdoor space in the way one wants. You can use it to decorate your porch or pool-side deck. But with so many retail and online stores popping up, buying Outdoor Rugs is a bit challenging.

Fab Habitat Your Trusted Online Firm for Outdoor Rugs

You are looking for a beautiful floor covering for your outdoor space, you can easily trust online firms like Fab Habitat. Fab Habitat is an Australian-based online store that provides a wide variety of rugs for the living space. On top of that, one gets to pick various designs for Online Outdoor Rugs at a cost-effective rate. Their vast collection of rugs would be a good choice for decorating the home in any way one wants.

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Care Tips for Your Doormats

Doormats keep your home shining by protecting it from dirt and grime. It creates the first impression of your home. So you must ensure that the front doormat looks best and functional. If you want to keep your doormat in good shape, give them the care it needs. Here, we are going to share with you some care and maintenance tips for your Front Doormats.

Care Tips for Your Doormats

Don’t think of folding your Doormat. Even after cleaning it with soap, don’t fold it for drying. Rather, place the mat flat on the floor and allow it to dry. Don’t place the Welcome Mats on a damp floor as it would damage it.

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A Doormat for Every Door, For Every Home

Looking for something colorful, stylish & yet simple to welcome your guests our PVC backed doormats will just be right for you. From a simple Hello or a classical HOME to a stylish floral design there are multiple choices available to help cover every option. Available in 4 sizes, PVC backed doormats are 2cm thick. From an extra-small to extra-large, one will have an option to choose a size for a single door to double door entry.


These doormats are handmade & then printed with organic paints to create beautiful designs.  They are light weight & can be maintained easily by giving them a light shake. To help elongate life, please prevent them being soaked in water.

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